Pitnet was started by Matt Pitman in 1996. We were actually one of the first 100,000 websites registered with the original Network Solutions.

I got my feet wet with asset recovery back in 1988 right out of highschool working for a vehicle repossession company in Phoenix Arizona. I quickly learned the ropes of the business and was doing everything from skiptracing accounts to making keys.

Then I moved more into security when I became a plain clothed detective for Dillards and worked as a loss prevention specialist while going to school to become a firefighter.

After graduation I worked as a fireman for 6 years and during that time kept my skills sharp by continuing my employment as a vehicle recovery specialist in northern Arizona.

Two years after starting Pitnet I moved myself and my family to Utah in 1998 and have been located here ever since.

I still currently handle vehicle recovery as well as consult for business security for multiple clients in the local area.